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- 1- An annual registration fee of $100.00 will be charged for each child attending Trottin–Trottinette preschool and/or daycare. Fees for the month of June will be held as a guarantee and will be cashed after final registration.
- 2- Monthly fees (*) are payable the first of every month. It will be required to give us post-dated cheques or to sign a preauthorized debit form to cover each month.
- 3 - NSF (non sufficient funds) checks or preauthorized debit must be paid within 5 days of their return. An administrative fee of $15.00 will be charged.

Withdrawal From School
A parent who wishes to withdraw their child completely or partially from preschool or daycare must provide written notice a minimum of one month before the withdrawal date in order to have their initial (June) deposit refunded. All paperwork must be received before the first day of the month preceding the child’s departure.

Priority Registration
The period for priority registration precedes that for general registration and takes place before the open house for the current year. In order to ensure continuity for children already attending Trottin-Trottinette, preference is given to these families. If you wish to register your child in the 4 yo class, you may take advantage of early registration.This priority registration is also available for siblings of children who have attended Trottin-Trottinette or Ecole Andre Piolat. Families must make sure to make their intentions known (especially if more than a year has elapsed since the older sibling has left) as registration for other members of the family is not automatic.

The criteria of admission at Trottin-Trottinette are based on the article 23 of the constitution act that give the right to the British Columbian to intruct their children in a French program (see on the right).

pre-inscription forms - wait-list:
* Le Jardin
* La Prématernelle
* La Garde

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