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Le Jardin d'Enfants of Trottin-Trottinette is especially conceived for infants and toddlers from 1 to 3 of age. Most teachers have graduated from ITE (Infant and Toddler Educator) or ECE (Early Childhood Educator) graduates.

Le Jardin d'Enfants opened its doors to meet the demand of families wanting their children from 10 to 36 months operating in a Francophone educational sector. French is presented to children in a positive way and according to their needs, their skills and language comprehension.

The educational program "Jouer, c'est Magique" focuses on developing the whole child. It aims to guide action in a collaborative approach with parents. Each activity is part of a perspective that integrates all dimensions of development: socio-emotional, moral, language, cognitive, psychomotor, creativity.

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380 Kings Road -North Vancouver-BC, V7N 2L9