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Preschool of Trottin-Trottinette offers to 3 and 4 yo’s children activities (*) in which they will learn socialization skills in a group, and to respect others at play and at work.

All the activities are available to the child. They will be done as a group or on an individual basis. A certain amount of flexibility must be allowed in order to make the experience a fulfilling, positive and enriching one for the child.

Our objective is to make sure that parents and children feel welcome and are well supported by our service. In order to realize these goals we wish to ensure everyone can:

* feel comfortable at preschool
* establish positive relationships with teachers based on trust
* have a positive first time experience at preschool

A gradual entry is suggested (especially for the 3 yo’s and daycare attendees) during the first week of class. This provides children with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new environment and classroom routines in smaller groups and over shorter periods of time. They need time to adjust to the class, new people, and for some, the whole new world of school.

Following is an example gradual entry schedule for a daycare attendee.

Day 1 – Child stays until snack time, around 10:00
Day 2 – Child stays until 11:45
Day 3 – Child stays for nap time until 2:00pm
Day 4 – Child stays entire day

Some Activities
"Paul et Suzanne"
This program has existed since 1997 and Trottin-Trottinette was one of the first preschools to participate. It consists of short stories told using simple vocabulary presented in a large book with simple illustrations.

Circle Time
It is a time to socialize and learn new words and concepts related to specific themes. He/she will learn about weather, how to count, develop spatial and temporal orientations, share important events in his/her life, learn to listen and take turns, to speak in front of others.

The “dress up”, “house”, or “village” corner allows the re-creation of daily events in Mommy and Daddy’s lives and gives the child a chance to play familiar and imaginary roles alone or with others.

Building Center
Introduce concepts of balance, size and weight, as well as cooperation with others. An excellent tool for improving fine motor skills.

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