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Trottin-Trottinette operates preschool, kindergarten and out-of-school childcare programs that allow each child to be enriched with diverse experiences offering a wide range of activities he can participate in. Both free and structured activities are offered each day.

In this environment the child is encouraged to learn at her own pace using new tools. Trottin-Trottinette offers a stimulating, fun and positive first learning experience. For instance, at preschool, in addition to being introduced to reading, writing and mathematics, the child attending Trottin-Trottinette will develop his social skills and have the opportunity to interact with others while developing a positive sense of self awareness through participation in music, drama and art.

This all takes place in an environment that emphasizes French culture where French is the only language spoken. In all our programs, we teach a positive social value system that places an emphasis on self respect and respect for others, equal rights and opportunities for each member of the group, and acceptance of differences.

In addition the child will have access to an outdoor park and Ecole Andre Piolat’s gymnasium.

Over the course of the year we will cover Nature, Science, History and Geography. Any interesting nature items are always welcome, eg. Bird’s nests, tree bark, etc. We try and use recycling materials for art projects. It would be appreciated if you could bring in boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, etc... If you have any paper from work or home, we use a lot for colouring and painting.

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